9 May 2023

Health News – May 2023

Dear SCH Reader, Welcome to another edition of a snapshot of the past month’s health-related news headlines that have been in the media. Three years on, […]
3 April 2023
SCH April Health News

Health News – April 2023

Hello and welcome to another edition of your favorite health news round-up! With daffodils sprouting from any spare clump of grass, lighter mornings with some mild […]
9 March 2023
Surrey Circle Health – March Health News

Health News – March 2023

Welcome to your March Health News edition good people, trusting that you’re keeping well, ready for one more likely blast of winter weather before we can […]
7 February 2023
Surrey Circle Health – February Health News

Health News – February 2023

Trusting that you’re keeping well, swerving or recovering from this winter’s deluge of viral lurgies. Perhaps you’ve been able to get away for some much deserved […]
2 January 2023
January Health News

Health News – January 2023

Dear SCH Reader, May I take this opportunity in thanking you for your now two-year allegiance to my monthly Health News blog, as we enter into […]
9 December 2022
December Health News

Health News – December 2022

Dear SCH monthly Health News reader,  Welcome to the last edition of the year, completing the 2nd full year of uninterrupted monthly Health News! With health-related […]