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Your needs and requirements are at the heart of all our advice, with tailored quotes and policies in straight forward, easy to understand, jargon free language, coupled with prompt personal attention always.

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Age, budget as well as previous health conditions will be some of the pivotal factors in determining which insurers we would recommend as most suitable for your needs from the U.K. Private Medical Insurance marketplace .

No Cost or Obligation

Surrey Circle Health is paid by the insurance company and we therefore don’t charge you a penny! If you decide to take out a policy or not – there is absolutely no charge or indeed obligation.


Having been advising individuals and companies across the Home Counties and London area for over two decades you can put your full trust in our experienced expert advice.

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  • National Friendly
  • freedom
  • General & Medical
  • wpa
  • Aviva
  • AXA Health
  • Bupa
  • vitality

Frequently Asked Questions

1Q - Why should I have private medical insurance?
A - To help alleviate pressure upon the NHS, thereby giving access to consultation and subsequent hospitalisation without the all too frequent many months of waiting to be referred by the GP to a consultant, whilst helping to alleviate financial constraints which can so easily lead to misdiagnosis, coupled with a reduction in the all too familiar reports of NHS hospital waiting list times.
2Q - In considering taking out Private Healthcare, having had previous health issues, will these be covered by the health insurer?
A - Private Healthcare is primarily aimed at insuring against new conditions that may arise after taking out cover, however if a condition has not reoccurred in the five years prior, it can be covered from day one of taking out cover, and even if it is preexisting within the previous five years, if it can go two consecutive years without any further reoccurrence whilst on cover, it can subsequently still be covered at that point.
3Q - Being currently insured, I appreciate that I may be able to increase cover whilst reducing costs, however I’m reluctant to consider moving insurers as I’m concerned that I’ll stop being covered for health conditions that I’ve claimed for and would currently be continued to be covered for - Would a new insurer continue to cover these conditions?
A - Being keen to encourage transfer of policies, the U.K. insurer’s underwriting dept’s do indeed offer favourable ‘Switch’ terms, known as C.P.M.E., being an acronym for Continuous Personal Medical Exclusions, as long as the current insurer’s Certificate of Cover is provided, which would detail any current health exclusions that were applied prior to their inception, which can then provide the new insurer with the platform to continue to provide ongoing cover for health conditions that had actually previously been claimed for.

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