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Welcome to September’s Health News good people! Did you manage to have a ‘staycation’ this summer? As we go about life everywhere seems to be a lot more like normal, with larger crowds, many choosing to discard the trusty mask, however, this citizen would still advise a measure of caution as more than 132,000 in the UK haven’t survived the past 18 months Covid pandemic, being part of more than 4.5 million globally who have tragically become terminal victims of this devastating virus.

Rounding up the more prominent health news this past month, The Daily Telegraph of 12th August reported that – Ambulances in July record the busiest month ever with more than 1 million calls, as official figures show 32,400 daily calls to 999, up 9% from June, with Health Chiefs blaming “pent up demand”, with growing numbers of people who needed help during lockdown only seeking support now that their symptoms were more severe, despite the fact that as Professor Neil Mortensen, president of the Royal College of Surgeons of England said, “The summer is traditionally a quieter time for the NHS, however this summer the pressure on emergency departments hasn’t let up.”

The Daily Mail of 13th August had a double page spread with the headline that “5.5 Million are on NHS Waiting Lists” Quoting Health Secretary Sajid Javid who warns that “In addition to the huge official backlog, being the highest number since records began in 2007, there were another 7 million patients who had shunned medical care during the height of the pandemic.”

The Health & Protection journal Cover of 16th August had an article highlighting why “One in ten are delaying having cancer screenings”, as reported by Bupa, whose July 2,000 UK adults survey concluded –

  • 23% were embarrassed
  • 21% past bad experiences
  • 20% fear of outcome
  • 20% anxiety
  • 16% inconvenient with work schedule

Cover reported on 31st August that “Working from home increases stress levels for UK staff, with around 1 in 3 UK employees now working longer hours, with things like the missing daily commute, increasing stress whilst away from the office”.

With the end of summer festivals currently in full swing, and schools preparing to open their new term doors again this autumn, scientists are holding their breath with a 3rd booster jab being being organised for the more vulnerable. If you’d like to enjoy the peace of mind afforded by the protection of adding to the NHS’s care and safekeeping with Private Healthcare, either as a new entrant or to compare your current provision, be it individually or on a company basis, Whole of Market brokerage Surrey Circle Health are a small client-centric outfit who relish the opportunity in providing Competitive as well as Comprehensive Cover for our Clients as a Testimonial from the 3rd August illustrates from – Forma Leather of London, E2 “It would be my pleasure to recommend the consulting services of Daniel Donoghue, the Healthcare Broker at Surrey Circle Health. Supplied with a comprehensive financial list of various providers that enabled me to choose a company that suited my needs, with a substantial cost reduction.”

Until October good SCH Health News reader, please Stay well, Stay safe and Stay vigilant,

Kind regards,

Daniel Donoghue,
MD, Surrey Circle Health

September Health News

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