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1 July 2021
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Dear SCH Health News Reader, trusting that you and your family are continuing to stay safe and well as this country’s ethos now being to take “personal responsibility” to maintain safety – Further to which a rather stark warning is reported upon by the New York Times International edition of 23rd July, with the article ‘Nations New Virus Plan: Learn to Live with it’, quoting Michael Baker, an epidemiologist from the university of Otago in New Zealand, “countries taking shortcuts on their way to reopening were putting unvaccinated people at risk and gambling with lives.” Sobering headlines indeed.

Continuing with the theme that I’ve focused upon in recent months, healthcare industry magazine ‘Cover’ of 20th July had an interesting article entitled ‘How Can Companies Support Employees with Long Covid?’ – “There is growing concern about the impact of Long COVID on people that have had Coronavirus, and it is something that employers may need to factor into their health and wellbeing strategies as people return to the workplace after the lifting of restrictions.”

The general medical journal ‘The Lancet’s sub-journal EClinicalMedicine’ published a study in the past month across 56 countries identifying more than 200 different Long COVID symptoms including fatigue and post exertional malaise, where people’s health worsens after physical or mental exertion. Upon reflection, this healthcare professional finds it quite worrying that this “exertional malaise” is no doubt further fuelling the obesity epidemic that was already spiralling out of control in the western world during this 21st century….

Going back to the The New York Times International edition of 23rd July, having picked up a copy at the airport with forced overseas travel in order to visit a very sick relative, some further interesting health related snippets include – “Only 1 percent of peoples in low income countries have vaccine doses”, according to the ‘Our World in Data Project.’ With the article ‘Virus Widens the Racial Gap in Longevity’ it states “US life expectancy has reduced by the steepest decline since World War Two, with Hispanic Americans experiencing the greatest drop of 3 years, with black Americans closely following at 2.9, and whites at 1.2 years.”

‘Cover’ magazine’s 28th July copy flags up that during the past 6 months 13.2 million in the UK (38% of the adult population) have avoided routine check-ups due to persisting concerns over the NHS’s ability to meet non-Covid related needs, including mammograms, cervical smear tests and blood tests.

On a more positive note to sign off for this mid-summer month, in preparation for ‘Freedom Day’ (19th July) ‘Cover’ of 8th July listed some key pointers in their article entitled – ‘How to Ensure a Successful Return to the Office on Freedom Day’;

  • Communicating Plans – including a re-orientation plan
  • Listening to staff feedback and concerns
  • Clearly sign-post support, with Long COVID experiencing employees or ones experiencing bereavement
  • Focus upon health and wellbeing – Regular meetings, being alert to mental health issues

For the sports fans amongst us, of which I firmly count myself as one, we’re being spoilt for choice this summer hey – including the Euros football (oh so nearly actually ‘coming home’!!), Parisian & Wimbledon tennis, currently the Olympics from Japan, cricket and rugby, as well as pre-season warm-up games currently being played in preparation for the start of the new 21/22 Premier League football season, starting in just two weekend’s time! Enjoy the feast of sports, whether you decide to view in person or continue to do so remotely. Whichever format you are more comfortable with, please do continue to stay safe, making sure that family and friends are likewise, until dare I say it, the autumnal month of September, keep washing your hands, social distancing & mask wearing – Much progress has been made, however, we’re not ‘out of the woods’ just yet….

Continue to stay safe,

Kind regards,

Daniel Donoghue,
MD, Surrey Circle Health

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