Health News – February 2021
1 February 2021
Private Hospitals

Dear Surrey Circle Health Reader,

As we enter into a new year with renewed hopes and aspirations, most of us are only too glad to consign 2020 into the history books as a year to be forgotten, without too many highlights and of course plenty of lows.

People’s health consciousness has of course, as a byproduct of the pandemic, been raised to unprecedented levels, and although for six months from March through September, with the N.H.S. completely understandably demanding supply from Private Hospitals, the private sector effectively for the first time ever had it’s own waiting lists developing, it’s reassuring that by October it was reported by the Private Healthcare Information Network that the volume of treatment was returning to pre-Covid levels.

Let’s trust that the vaccines now being administered, researched and developed in record time, can start to quell this sinister invisible threat to all our health, so that we can return to being socially close again which is of course the preserve of human nature, making us happier and indeed healthier individuals.

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